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Innovator Express
Basecamp Zendesk Zapier

"...makes Open Innovation available..."

"...delivers on both ease of use and management features."

"...opened new communications..."

"... found the setup of a challenge to be straightforward and simple..."

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Consider that Flagpole is the only web idea application from a trusted leader in the Enterprise Innovation market space. The minds at MindMatters have been working with some of the largest, most innovative global companies for decades. Built on a proven set of best practices, Flagpole was designed to address these very same innovation needs within small to midsize companies. We've packaged everything we know about innovation management into an affordable, easy-to-use web system.

IP Protection

Flagpole is the only tool that treats your company's ideas as the valuable source of high impact IP that they are. We view innovation as the single most important driving force in the value of a company: it's your competitive advantage. That's why it's critical to safeguard ideas in the same way you protect other company assets. You'll rest easy knowing that MindMatters is the only Innovation vendor to have designed ironclad stand-alone IP and Patent Management systems for global companies. We built Flagpole with every IP consideration in mind.


On the surface, Flagpole looks and acts like a straightforward, intuitive web tool for finding ideas. However, it's actually the first step towards implementing a successful company-wide innovation process. Flagpole is easy to roll out and adopt, and it can also be scaled and upgraded to stay in sync with your company's growth and changing innovation needs. Think of it as an entry point to the world's best, most flexible Enterprise Innovation system. However, if your company's needs never progress beyond the simple process embodied by Flagpole, you'll be pleased to know that you still have the best idea tool on the market, capable of supporting thousands of users.


Flagpole is fully hosted for you at our award-winning SSAE-16 certified data center. Our systems currently support hundreds of thousands of users around the world every day without incident. You never have to worry about a breach of protection or about your data being accessed by outsiders. Your Flagpole system is encrypted and only accessible by your employees through a web browser. For an additional fee, we can even connect Flagpole to your LDAP, Active Directory, or other directory system for further authentication and single sign-on.